What Is ADA Compliance?

ADA stands for Americans with Disability Act Standards for Accessible Design. This means that you need to comply with this act by making sure that every part of your website is accessible to people with disabilities.


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ADA Compliance Service

Cognitive Disability Profile

This feature allows people with mental disabilities like ADD, dyslexia, autism, and many more others to be able to focus on the thing they want to do. We use simple engines like Wiktionary or Wikipedia to make your content more understandable.

Blind User Support

The ADA compliant software we use analyses your website contents and create necessary data to make your content compatible with screen readers like NVDa or Talkback.

Visually Impaired Profile

The ADA compliant specialist team we have makes sure that the visuals you have on your website are usable for visually impaired people, makes hyperlinks stand out for the colour blind, and makes sure that the headings are correctly nested.

Keyboard Navigation

The majority of people depend only keyboard to surf the web. Toto Dream Marketing makes sure that your website is keyboard accessible, and you can access all futures with keyboards.

Color Adjustments

By giving the visitors the ability to change the contrast and the saturation level according to their comfort, you give them the optimal online experience. This option also allows them to change up the text, title, and background colours.

Seizure Safe Profile

Things like blinks, flickers, flashes, and animations could trigger photosensitive epilepsy in some people. Our compliance software these things that could possibly trigger them and adjusts the colours to make sure that your website is seizure-proof.

Orientation Adjustments

Our ADA compliance software and tools make that each user that visits your website will accommodate the content according to your visitor's orientation. Viewers will have the option to choose any detail they want.

ADHD Friendly Profile

If you use ADA compliant tools, your visitors and viewers will have the ability to make other changes to meet their own requirements and disabilities. They can change the font size, highlight titles, change the colours, and so on.

Content Adjustments

If you utilize ADA compliant tools, viewers have the option to make other changes to your site content to match their requirements and disabilities. The visitors can change the text alignments, change the font size and line height, aggravate texts, highlight titles and links and even alter the letter spacing and font size.

What Is The Need Of ADA Compliant Website

Accessibility To Everyone

There are many people with disabilities around the world, and they have technological needs just like everyone else in the world. They need and deserve more awareness and better attention. ADA Compliant gives every user on your website an equal chance to access your content.

Long-term Profitability

Being ADA compliant will create customer loyalty and will strengthen your relationships with everyone since you actually care about your customers. You also enter a market where a lot of spending must be done by disabled people.

Competitive Advantage

The majority of businesses ignore people with disabilities, but ADA compliance allows you to stay ahead of the competition in the business. Make your competitors fear by improving your access to products and services to safeguard your brand.

Adherence To The Law

If you do not comply with ADA compliance law, there is a high chance that you will go to court because it is illegal to have a website or business that does not comply with this law. By going to an expert to make your website obey this law, you save a substantial amount of money and time.

Positive Online Reputation

If a disabled person cannot access your website, they will go away and search for another website that is compatible with ADA Compliance Law. Since reviews are exceptionally important, getting one bad review and getting even more due to that one review will affect your business.

Advantages Of ADA Compliance

Automatic Scans

Our ADA software scans your website every 24 hours to check for every update or a possible error that creates glitches. Once it detects these glitches, the AI automatically solves this problem to give a seamless experience to your users.

Multi-language Support

Our ADA compliance software has support for multiple languages such as Dutch, French, and Spanish. This feature allows everyone around the world to get the information they need in their own language.

Customizable Widget

Change up the user interface and elements of the design, and make tailor-made widget settings so that it matches your brand. Toto Dream Marketing’s software allows all these features to combine and make your website WCAG compliant.

High Success Rate

Our ADA compliance software gives you 95% of the required WCAG compliance to your website. Our tools enhance the highest rate of success in your industry.

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Why Choose Us For ADA Compliance Service?

ADA Compliance FAQ 'S

If you don't comply with ADA compliance law, there is a high chance that you could be sued and required to pay a fine as a result.

  • What is ADA compliance? 
  • Who is affected by ADA compliance? 
  • How to become ADA compliant?

With our ADA compliance software, we can check everything whether your website complies with ADA compliance laws or not. It is rather hard to do it yourself because there are many things that you need to cover.

  • What is ADA compliance? 
  • Who is affected by ADA compliance? 
  • How to become ADA compliant?

Yes. Every website and business needs to have ADA compliance by law, and if you do not comply with this law, you are exposed to a huge risk of getting sued.

  • What is ADA compliance? 
  • Who is affected by ADA compliance? 
  • How to become ADA compliant?

Yes, you have to comply with every disability that the act states, and you have to take necessary precautions so that these people with disabilities can easily navigate through your website.

  • What is ADA compliance? 
  • Who is affected by ADA compliance? 
  • How to become ADA compliant?


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