What is App Store Optimization?

App store optimization focuses on the visibility of your app in the app store and increases your conversion rate within the app. So you need to come up with a catchy name, logo, title and also have a good mobile app so that your ratings on the app store stays good.


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Benefits Of App Store Optimization

Improve Visibility

It doesn't matter if you are app is the best app in the world; if people cannot get your app if they don't see it on the app store. You have to make your app discoverable to reach your peak of success.

Get Discovered by high-quality and relevant Users

With relevant keywords and focusing on the right audience, the right people will find your app on top of the search results in the app stores. With the perfect ASO strategy, you will get exposure to the right people.

Increase Organic Downloads

With the right targeting and strategies, people will be more likely to see your app and download it, which will bring you more organic downloads without you having to do or spend anything extra for it.

Continuous Growth

When you have the right optimization and the strategy to reach out to more people, your app's downloads and visibility will continuously grow, bringing you more downloads and visitors to your app.

Our App Store Optimization Services

Relevant Keyword Search

We spend a good amount of time on thorough research to understand your industry’s and business’ needs and find the relevant keywords to reach a targeted audience in a certain location with geo-specific keywords.

Optimizing Title & Description​

We precisely come up with an interactive and keyword-focused title and description for your app so that any user will be able to find and download your app easily.

Adding Icons & Images​

With the right icon of your app and putting in the right images in your descriptions that are relevant and focused on bringing in your target audience, you will get higher traffic.

Transparent Reporting​​

You will get reports of the situation of your campaigns that has the information on how much traffic, download, and visibility you are getting and the success of our campaigns.

App Store Optimization Showcase

Why is App Store Optimization Important For App Growth?

We are living in the mobile app century where basically every business has an app for their business but not every app is optimized enough to bring in quality customers and give organic downloads. A good ASO will also bring in loyal customers to your app.


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Our Way of Doing App Store Optimization

A/B Testing

We create different campaigns with different layouts, text, and elements to see what kind of strategy works the best and what kind of changes could be made to create a better campaign to get better results.

Pick The Right Name For Your App

If your app name is a catchy name that contains keywords in it, it gets way easier to rank your app at the top of the search result for your target audience. This will increase not only your visibility but also your downloads.

Keyword Research

Before we start with the optimization, we do a thorough research of the relevant keywords that could be successful and find the ones that could best fit our strategies for the highest exposure to the target audience.

Write Your App Description

The app description, just like the name of your app, must have relevant keywords in it and must be catchy and attractive enough to persuade your possible customers to download your app from the app store.

Establish a Clear App Store Optimization Strategy

With the help of your team of experts, we carefully plan ahead for your strategy and make a clear path to move forward so that you are aware of what is going on and we make sure that our campaign gets the best result.

Prepare App Screenshot & Videos

For people to understand how your app works or what is it that you actually do, you must prepare nice and interactive screenshots and videos of your app and put them in the description of your app.

App Rating & Review

You must have a good set of reviews and a high rating on the app store because this is one of the most important things for app store optimization and conversion rate optimization of your app. You need to get good reviews in abundance without getting any negative ones. You can first let users give your team feedback on your app before they make a negative review of the store.

App Store Optimization FAQ'S

Every business in whichever industry they are in needs a good app with good optimization because otherwise, you would be missing out on a big chunk of potential customers.

If you are not getting enough organic downloads, do not have good reviews or do not have enough reviews in the app in general, and your visibility is not high, this means your optimization is bad, and you need a good strategy.

We create everything for you to create the right strategy to allow you to break free from all the stress and the hassle of creating a good app store optimization strategy.

Not necessarily, as you need to find the relevant keywords, come up with a nice logo and pictures, videos, description, and other necessary details that would organically bring in more customers.


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