Advantages Of eCommerce PPC

  • Higher quality traffic
  • Budget-friendly advertisements campaigns with eCommerce PPC
  • Find your target audience with the highest precision
  • Higher brand awareness and visibility
  • Create a measurable ad strategy with eCommerce PPC

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Our eCommerce PPC Advertising Service

Keyword Research & Strategy

Toto Dream Marketing utilizes Google Keyword Planner and other keyword planning tools to understand your potential market segments and understand your target audience to the best of our ability.

Paid Advertising

Use the data of your promotion campaigns to stay ahead of the trends and understand your customer base better. In addition to this, we also take a look at your account structure, analyze your PPC costs, and create ad copies to shine a light on your selling points.

eCommerce Web Design

We create eCommerce websites that are designed specifically to your needs and the industry’s target audience. We analyze your checkout process, create a live chat, and make sure that your conversion rates are in good shape, and we track them accordingly.

eCommerce PPC Management

With the right PPC strategy, you can get ahead of your competition without spending enormous amounts of money. Toto Dream Marketing helps you to reach your goals by harmonizing unique and industry-specific keywords to enhance your traffic and sales.

Ads A/B Split Testing

You have to know what kind of ads and which ads give you the highest ROI for your store. Our PPC experts create different landing pages, images, and texts, to determine what is the best PPC metric and use that ad specifically.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We use data to increase your ad's click-through rate by understanding your customers' likes and what they want to see. With the right landing page, unique ad copies, and remarketing, you can easily increase your conversion rates.

eCommerce PPC FAQ 'S

If you want to reach a really specific audience with the lowest budget possible and get quick results from your campaign and strategy, having a good eCommerce PPC strategy is a good call.

You can set your own budget with eCommerce PPC, but generally, you can get decent returns with small amounts compared to other social media paid advertising campaigns.

If your online store is not getting enough sales with your current SEO strategies or are impatient with your store's results, setting up a good eCommerce PPC strategy is something you need.

  1. It is fit for the eCommerce model
  2. You have the choice to set your own costing 
  3. You can get directly to the point with the help of these ads. 

If you are getting good results, high conversion rates, and enhanced traffic overall from the audience you wanted to target, this means your eCommerce PPC strategy is working in general.


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