Franchise SEO

Franchise SEO is the most comprehensive strategic approach to search engine optimization. Franchise SEO is all about putting your company’s business goals onto the broader market and maximizing its impact.

Franchise SEO

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Our Franchise SEO Services

Keyword Research & Strategy

Before we dive in, we make sure we understand your theme and find specific search keywords that our SEO specialist can implement to find the perfect mix for your target audience.

Local SEO

Searching for local businesses is harder in a globalized world, and you need to be really precise with your keyword selection. We use Google My Business to optimize and find more potential customers and local SEO keywords.

Link Building

You need to have quality and relevant websites for your backlinks. Toto Dream Marketing also does link building perfectly, thanks to our immense experience in the field.

On-Page SEO

We make sure that the content we create and the keywords we select enhance your online visibility to get your high-quality organic traffic. This way, search engines make sure about your trustworthiness thanks to our unique and informative content.

Technical SEO

SEO is not just what you see; it also happens in the background where you need to make the search engines happy so that they can make you happy, too, by giving you improved rankings.

Site Optimization

Improving the optimization of your website is by utilizing different tools and strategies all combined to make a better website that drives traffic and increases conversion rates.

Social Media Marketing

Tens of millions of people use social media, and the best way to bring in new customers is through social media. Our highly experienced social media team will first get accustomed to your industry and use recent social media trends to create content and make a good social media strategy.

Pay Per Click Management

PPC management is one of the most budget-friendly strategies that you can use on your website to increase your conversion rates to the targeted audience of your choice.

Content Writing

Content writing includes planning, editing, and also writing the entire thing for a website that has the needed keywords for SEO purposes in it. Its purpose is to drive traffic to your website.

Advantage of Franchise SEO

Improved Foot Traffic

Enterprise SEO exponentially increases your visitor and conversion rate and brings in more leads that could lead to new customers that will make a purchase or use your services.

Increased Visibility in Google Maps and Local SERPs

By being first on the search engine, you also get more visibility in google maps and other Local SERPs since you get visited more and have more traffic.

Sustainable Business Growth

Since SEO strategies increase your traffic and your sales in the end, it will create sustainable growth for your business in the mid and long term.

Deeper Customer Engagement

Because you are trying to find specialized keywords for your industry and business, you take more care of your customers and their engagement in your content.

Brand Differentiation and Trust

People get accustomed to your brand and your name when you are at the top of the search engine with different keywords. This creates a trust that differentiates you from your competitors.


What Did We Offer to Clients?

Data Management System

Our enterprise agency has collaboration with company partners through different systems. This way, Toto Dream Marketing creates a bridge between the company and you.

Deep Knowledge Base

Our experts have extensive experience of more than ten years in digital marketing and their respective areas. We deal with a variety of industries which allows us to adapt our services to your specific needs.


Not every business is the same, and everyone needs specific things according to their individual needs. Our agency customizes and tailors every campaign according to your needs.

Tailored Franchise SEO Services

We believe that every business has its own strategic needs. That is why our enterprise marketing agency customizes every campaign according to requirements and demands. We will provide you with a fantastic experience by maintaining a regular conversation with your project manager.

Analytics & Reporting

You get weekly or bi-weekly updates of analyses to make sure we are providing you with good results. These reports include your overall website performance, the rate of organic traffic, how many page visits, and search rankings.

Branding Guidlines

We highlight your uniqueness and your brand identity with the logo, content, and images we create for your business. We also create strict branding norms and company policies with brand trust.

Diverse Clientele

Since we work with various corporate and individual franchise owners for different niche markets, we have the experience to provide unique SEO customized to your needs and requirements.


We make sure that we achieve what we promise and help you at every level of the campaign so that you understand it and we get to the level that we promised to you.

Toto Dream Marketing Franchise SEO Steps

Step 1 - Digital Marketing

Reach out to your target audience in the right way by using digital marketing. We have services for eCommerce and Shopify SEO, Amazon Marketing, and eCommerce advertising. You get more sales and conversion rates with our help.

Step 2 - Content Optimization

Having the right and interactive content lets people know about your local business. The right language use and content with the exact keywords increase the search relevance.

Step 3 - Review Management

Having good reviews online makes a huge difference as you can attract many new customers just by having good reviews from existing customers. We have reputation management software to keep track of your brand mentions online.

Step 4 - Landing Page Conversion

By highlighting your unique brand diversification and addressing the specific needs your audience needs, we increase your conversation rate. It is essential to have an SEO-optimized landing page that focuses on increasing your conversion rate.

Why is Franchise SEO important?​

Many people think major businesses do not need special SEO services as they are widely known. However, by having the right SEO techniques and keeping up with the trends, you make sure that your business will always stay afloat, no matter how big it is. With a good Franchise SEO, you increase your digital footprint, putting your business in front of more people, especially locals.

Our Way Of Doing Franchise SEO

Online Reputation Management

Nowadays, most customers’ journey to purchasing something or using a business starts online. That is why having a good online reputation will bring you many customers and increase your traffic.

Voice Search Optimization

By allowing your pages to be read out loud by a voice search device, you set up voice search optimization that will allow people who do voice search to find your website. This way, you can create another way to increase your traffic.

Custom Web Design & Development

The website you have is the presentation of your business. Having a strong online presence with an interactive and fast website will rank you higher on search engines and get you more traffic that will then convert into a high conversion rate.

Audience & Competition Analysis

The biggest database in the world is the internet. You can search for a lot of things, and you can make use of these data for a better understanding of your target audience. Demography, locations, languages, approach, judgment, and many more will give you good social media monitoring for high traffic.

Local Listing Management

You can list your business on places like Facebook or Google My Business, which will allow for people who are searching for certain industries locally to come across your business. This will increase your foot traffic if you have a physical store.

Nextdoor Advertising

Creating a Nextdoor advertisement could be challenging when you do not know what to do and which procedures to use. Our experts have intense knowledge about Nextdoor advertising that will increase your reach and improve your engagement.

Review Response Service

We will take a look at all of the reviews you are getting, both positive and negative, and try to improve on the areas where we lack good strategy.

Mobile Optimization

You need to make sure that mobile phone users have a good time visiting your website. Having a mobile-optimized website will help you gain more traction.

Enterprise SEO FAQ'S

Franchise SEO requires a more delicate and strategic approach as major businesses have more things to change up and look for.

It depends on the outreach you are trying to have. Franchise SEO could cost way more if you decide to spend the budget, but it might as well be done similar to normal SEO.

Franchise SEO requires more extensive research and audition since it already has many customers, and every location can focus on a different need.

If you are attracting more customers than other franchise branches in your region and have high organic traffic, this means your Franchise SEO is working well.


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