What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is the means to help you sell your products and services under websites that are run by Google, such as YouTube and Google Search, and so on. You are able to select specific goals and target a specific audience for maximum benefit.


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Our Google Ads Services

Keyword Research & Selection

The SEO expert that we assigned for you will take a thorough look at your industry and current keyword listing, listen to your keyword wish list, and make a list that will work the best way possible for your business and website.

Competitive Research

It could be extremely vital to know what your competitor is up to and research them for your own good to align your strategies better. Our experts will make a thorough research of your competitor and their content to see what they are doing.

Optimizing Landing Pages

Our team of specialized experts will fix and optimize your landing page, which is the main page that every visitor sees for the first time when they visit your website. Having an information-driven and well-designed landing page will increase your conversion rates a lot.

Text & Image Ad Creation

We will handle the creation of text and image ads to get more traffic to your website that will then turn into leads with attractive and information-driven text and images.

PPC Cost Management

The budget you have will create an overall size for your PPC campaign. Toto Dream Marketing will make sure that we are well within your budget without adding any extra or hidden fees.

PPC Monitoring

Collaborate with our company and make sure that you drive leads that will become purchases to your website without feeling the stress or the hassle of it. We not only do thorough research and create your PPC campaign, but we also maintain and monitor it.

Monthly Report

We have the latest reporting system software, and we give you monthly reports that include everything from the beginning to the end so that you are of what is going on with your campaigns. You also get month-over-month growth of each of your campaigns.

Ads A/B Split Testing

We create different variations of your ad with different elements, pictures, and texts to see what works the best and how we can improve to get the best result possible. This way, we get the best campaign results overall.

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Why Use Google Ads?

Quick Way To Get Noticed

Google Ads is basically the shortcut to getting more visibility and traffic to your website without too much hassle and time required, like SEO optimization. Your ads are shown above organic results, and you can involve things to get more attention.

Specific Targeting

If you can not target the right people, no matter how good you are ad is, you won't get good results from it. You can optimize your ad with keyword or demographic targeting to reach out to your target audience.

Conversion Tracking

This tracking allows you to see how many people who have clicked on your ads have purchased something from your business. You can see if they have interacted with your product; this means your ad worked.


By targeting past visitors who have visited your website but didn't make any interaction with your products or services, they are more likely to purchase something than new customers if your remarketing is done correctly.

Campaign Management

Google’s analytics system has a detailed review system that allows you to see the situation of your campaign. This allows you to see what works and what does not so that you can manage your campaign better.

What is Google Advertising?

Google ads are not just one single thing; it has several different applications that you can use to promote your business. You need to know which one your business needs and use that one accordingly.

Search Ads

This is one of the most comprehensive Google ads you can use. You can use it to increase your sales, get more traffic, or something similar. You can show vital information about your business and add even more details to your ad.

Shopping Ads

If you want to sell more products or services through your website by increasing your traffic, this is a type of ad that you can use to enhance your leads and sales. You can use pictures, show prices, and write down your store name with shopping ads.

Display Ads

You can increase your brand visibility as well as increase your sales with display ads with a tailored format that has images or elements that are interactive enough to attract new leads and more traffic.

App Ads

You can advertise your mobile application through these ads, and you can do it in two ways: either you make the ad for people to install your app or perform an action with it. Google helps you create these ads, and you can preview the ads that will help you with the design.

Google Ads FAQ'S

You can adjust your budget as much as you want, either go with a low budget of a few thousand dollars or spend higher than that.

If you want more brand visibility, more leads, and traffic outside of the organic traffic you are already getting, this might be a sign that you need Google ads services?

You can adjust your budget as much as you want, either go with a low budget of a few thousand dollars or spend higher than that.

Google ads take immediate effect, and you start to see the result right after you start your campaign. You can even make a sale the same day you start.


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