Local SEO

Local SEO is all about increasing your search visibility and foot traffic in a certain location. It is mostly compatible with small and medium-sized businesses, brick and mortar stores, and businesses that work in multiple locations. Its optimization generally focuses on “near-me” and geo-specific search queries.


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Our Local SEO Services

Website Optimization

Optimization is a process of creating expert strategies and using experiments to enhance the performance of your website to drive more traffic for higher conversion rates and elevated revenue.

Review Management

The majority of customers who shop online or when they are looking for local businesses trust the reviews made by other people than word of mouth recommendations. We use reputation management software to track each mention of your brand in the online channels.

Social Media Marketing

We start by analyzing your industry's social media and learning about the trends, and we move on to creating content and making advanced social media strategies that include things from strategizing to status updates to your and management of bad reputation.

Listing Management

Local listing could also be known as the yellow pages you used to use to find local businesses. From Google My Business to Facebook, there are many local listing websites that you can use to list your business and products, services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the type of marketing that solely focuses on creating, publishing, and sharing specific content for your target audience online. This marketing type broadens your customer base, enhance your online sales, and get more attention.

Google My Business Service

Our experts make sure that your locations are correct and always updated. We offer GMB, Bing, and Yahoo SEO local optimization. We make sure that your profiles showcase the same thing and are focused on your target audience and location.

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Why Does Local SEO Matter?

Why Choose Toto Dream Marketing As Your SEO Company?

Google Analytics Reports

We use Google Analytics to keep track of our local SEO strategies and find out what is wrong and provide data-driven information on local SEO to support our campaign results. We analyze the search results, traffic, bounce rates, and other metrics and provide you with an overview of the performance.

Keyword Research & Ranking Report

It is important to be as close as you can get with the industry and the trends on social media about your business. This way, we have a clearer image of which keywords to use. This is more critical of local businesses that have a smaller audience.

Dedicated SEO Professionals

One of the main things that we provide to our customers is to make all this complicated and stressful journey of digital marketing easier. That is why you get one point of contact for every relevant question you have that will be able to answer your questions and get familiar with your industry.

Transparent Reporting

We always give you information and data 24/7 to create the most transparent environment we can. You get in-depth reporting with access to an online client portal, Google Analytics reports for a complete overview and a monthly breakdown of what we have done.

Our Method Of Doing Local SEO

Building Location Pages​

It is hard to attract a target market when you have locations in more than one place. You need location pages to attract the right customer, and this makes it easier for customers to choose as there are fewer options. You will get higher traffic when you have an attractive landing page with the right keywording.

Link Building​

One of the methods we use in our local SEO strategies is link building. We search and find the most attractive and quality links for your website to rank as a trustable website and to rank higher. We use GMB SEO and local link building methods.

Continuous Page Optimization​

There are two different page optimization, on and off-page optimization. On-page optimization is what your customer sees on your website, the attractive and information-driven landing page, SEO-friendly content, and strategies. Off-page optimization is what gets your website on top of the search engine by increasing its trustworthiness and authority with correct link building.

Keep Your Business Updated

You always need to be aware of the trends and the tools coming up in your industry. To make this easier for your business, our professionals will help you in doing this.

Why is Local SEO Crucial For Business?

Local SEO gives you a good return on investment, and it can help you enter your local market significantly easier and more positively. Local SEO gives you continuous traffic and more visibility in your area to convert your leads into sales.


This totally depends on your industry, the amount of research needed and other details. However, there are approximately about three months of the trial period.

It takes some time to see results with local SEO, approximately about a month after the trial period.

Not necessarily; you can build up a strong local SEO strategy for something relatively cheap, too. Depends on your needs.

Local SEO is focused on small to mid-sized businesses that have either multiple locations or operate in one location that needs the local people's attention.


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