What is SEM & Why is it a Great Investment?

Search engines all around the world are used by billions of people and get any kind of business any kind of traction they want with the right strategies and campaigns. You can utilize search engines to connect with the right people and bring in more traffic that will turn to sales later on.


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Advantages of Search Engine Marketing

Measurable Growth

SEM gives you an overall outlook on your ad performance and allows you to regulate the results you get from each of your campaigns. When you take a close look at your ad analytics, you can see which ads perform the best.

Improved Organic Traffic

The majority of online experiences start from a search engine. This allows you to get higher brand visibility where your customers are. By taking advantage of SEM in the best way possible, you will bring in more organic traffic to your website than you can imagine.

Greater Campaign Control

You have broader control over your campaigns, targeting, and other factors that are included in Google SEM ads. Whereas in SEO, you get results that are decided by the search engines themselves.

Better Brand Recognition

SEM allows you to choose the keywords of your target audience, and with that, you also have the chance to add your business name to the ad to make it more visible to the audience of the ad.

Increased Conversion

Google SEM's most significant advantage is its ability to provide results immediately. When you have the right strategy and campaign set up with Google SEM, you can get sales on the same day you started.

Particular Targeting

You can choose many things with Google SEM ad settings, and that includes choosing geo-targeting for the right audience and at a time you choose which will allow your ad to show up right in time.


These there are easy to confuse since they are close to each other. SEO is the approach to bring more organic traffic to your website by improving your content and website structure with the right keywording and link building. PPC is a paid search marketing strategy that allows you to advertise your business on various social media channels. You need to pay for each click on PPC. SEM includes both SEO and PPC, but it is a paid search marketing strategy. You pay to be at the top of a relevant search according to your keyword.

SEM PPC Advertising

We always make sure that you get the best results with minimum spending, and by using SEM PPC marketing, we make a lot of strategies and try to find out which one is the best.

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Our SEM Service?

Why Choose Toto Dream Marketing As SEM Agency?


SEM shows results immediately after starting the campaign. You could get an even sale the day you started your SEM campaign.

It could be expensive depending on your needs and wants from the campaign, but you could also use a modest budget.

Since we do A/B testing to figure out which campaign would work the best, approximately 2 to 3 weeks would be enough to find out the best strategy.

SEM is a way to get traffic onto your website that already has some sort of traffic. So, if you need extra sales or brand visibility, you might think about using SEM.


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