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The more you come up on top of the search engine results, the more audience and clients you will get for your business. SEO is the first step to gaining more clients for your business. SEO is the process of improving your website for more visibility with relevant research.


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Keyword Research & Strategy

If you know the specific keywords your targeted audience uses, you can put your website and business on top of the search engine results. With the right keyword research and design strategy, you can bring in effective and organic traffic for both big and local small businesses.

Page Optimization

There are two ways to create page optimization. One is to change your website and build up SEO on the individual pages for more traffic to your website, called on-page optimization. Another is off-page optimization, which builds trust and authenticity in the search engines with the correct inbound links.

Linking Building

SEO is not only what people see. What you do in the back with backlinks also plays a role. When you do link building with the right strategy from high-authority referring domains, you ensure that your website is a credible source of information.

Site Optimization

Once you optimize your website using the right strategies, experiments, and tools, you get more traffic and increase your conversion rates to grow your overall sales.

On Page SEO

On-Page SEO is what you do on your website with your content and other things to attract more traffic from your targeted audience.

Off Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the art of utilizing other websites to make sure that systems get your website a credible source of information and a safe website to not punish you for wrong information.

Technical SEO

It is really easy to go into the chaos of websites with incompatible SEO. There are many guidelines to follow, and technical SEO is the way to make sure you are within those guidelines.

Local SEO

This type of SEO is generally used by small and medium-sized businesses or brick and mortar stores. With this SEO, you focus on a geographical area, and it targets to optimize on searches like near-me or geo-specific queries.

Franchise SEO

When you are running a franchise, there are thousands of the same stores in the world and hundreds of tens in your region. You need to be able to utilize the right Franchise SEO to become on top of search engines.

Content Writing

Content writing is solely writing and editing web content for your business that includes specific keywords to help with SEO, as well. This way, you attract more organic traffic from search engines.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The hardest part of a business is to turn visitors into customers. This gets harder online, and you need to create a website that is effective enough to maximize your conversion rate. With the right strategies, you can increase your CRO by a lot.

Email Marketing

Everyone has email, and everyone uses it on a daily basis, and that is one of the reasons why email marketing is the most efficient way to find visitors and turn them into clients. A study shows that every $1 you spend gets you $44 in return.

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Why Choose SEO?

Toto's SEO Method!


Before we start diving into work, we first make sure to understand what your business needs, your demands, and your expectations. We set up frequent meetings with different people in your company and conduct an initial review of your website to identify key keywords and performance indicators.


This section takes a look at analyzing everything about your business data and link risk assessment to determine what affects your digital presence and how we can improve it the best way possible without mistakes.


Once we make the necessary analyses and know what works and what doesn’t, we create a strategy path of 60 days to implement that includes goals, outcomes, and estimated completion time.


This is the phase we are actually putting our work into practice. We optimize your website with the best fitting keywords, change up your site design and manage the listings of your business. We also do SEO work to improve your overall SEO results.


Right from the very beginning of our cooperation, we track every process of your website and business to keep track of what we have been doing to see the differences before and after. This includes checking out organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, and so on.


We schedule frequent consultations and monthly reporting to make sure that you and your team have an idea of what is going on and are kept up-to-date. Our report is comprehensive enough to provide an overall performance of the website.

Our Way Of Doing Unique SEO?

Why Choose Us As Your SEO Company?

Dedicated SEO Professional​

Our job is to provide you with hard and boring SEO strategies easily and without too much hassle on your side. We give one point of contact for each of our clients, and you can form a connection with your dedicated SEO professional.

Relationship & Results

We do not only work to deliver results. We also work to have good working relationships with our clients because with the right relationship, our SEO experts who work on a variety of businesses – from small to major franchises - can understand your niche and help you better.

Experience Matters

We work as a unit, and as a unit, we have always driven more traffic and grown people's online presence. The experience we have makes it easier for us to understand your needs and wants.

Transparent Reporting

The reports that we provide to you include access to an online client portal, a Google Analytics report, and the SEO tasks we overtake over a month. We believe in full transparency in what we do.


Even though there are some differences between search engines, %98 of the searches come from Google, so you need to focus on Google and its rules.

It depends but usually around a month to see the real results of your SEO efforts and the success of your SEO campaign and strategy.

In Google, you might get banned from search engines and can not go up the ladder if you use keywords excessively or in the wrong way.

If you use SEO wrongly and out of context, and different from Google’s rules of SEO, you might get suspended from the results of the search engine.


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