Social Media Marketing / Paid Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the key places to bring in leads and potential customers to your website and to your business. If you know well about your target audience on social media, you can get higher leads through your social media advertising. At Toto Dream Marketing, we find this information to create a more efficient campaign for better results.


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Types Of Social Media Marketing

Instagram Advertising

Instagram offers you to promote your product or service through post or stories that puts your ad on the user’s feed. It looks like a normal post or story but with a little sponsored label on top of it. You can put call-to-action to these ads to drive traffic for leads.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the most active and best platforms for social media advertising as they have a huge chunk of information about them from their likes, information on their profile, their dislikes, and so on. That is why Facebook allows you to target your audience with precision.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest ads are a little bit different than normal social media advertising as you can only put an image, caption, and a call-to-action link that is displayed in the user's home feeds. Having over 200 million monthly users, Pinterest has a massive base of possible audiences.

Youtube Advertising

YouTube ads are in the form of video advertisements, and they are one of the hardest to be successful with. Thanks to our experience, we create the most interactive and lead-driven YouTube ads for higher traffic.

Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn could be an amazingly successful place to get more quality traffic for B2B, B2C, non-profit, universities, and other types of organizations. Because LinkedIn has a business environment, people tend to pay more attention to ads that they might like.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is a platform to understand well about your target audience and see the comments made about your business from different profiles. It is a perfect place to dive into social platforms for social media advertising.

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Social Media Advertising Benefits

Reach out to the right audience
Increase your brand visibility & awareness
Get higher quality traffic
Improved visibility of your content and brand
Higher conversion rates

Social Media Paid Advertising FAQ'S

The most used social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You can define your budget yourself. You can create campaigns with as low or high a budget as you want.

If your conversion rate is not good, you are not making a profit off of your social media campaigns, and you are just spending money for several months in the hopes of getting conversions, this means they are not doing well.

Every business with an online presence can do well with social media marketing as it allows you to reach a crowd that you can not possibly reach in any other way.


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