What Is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the strongest website maker tools that are user-friendly and easy to use and learn. WordPress is a free, open-source content management system that allows big businesses to small businesses to operate smoothly and easily.


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Our WordPress Service

Content Writing

WordPress is famous for its ability to provide easy content writing, and our services include altering your website by writing the content for information pages or for your blog that will be industry-related and interactive content.

WordPress SEO

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is that most of the SEO requirements come with it without you having to do anything. Your website will already be SEO-friendly in its structure, and all our firm has to do is to use the tools to enhance the search performance and use the right keywords.

WordPress Website Hosting

We provide WordPress hosting pricing that is comparable to top-tier hosting services. WordPress gives you the option to choose whichever hosting you work with. We handle only WordPress websites, so your trust is in the right place with us.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is very much in line with WordPress web design services to make sure your website is mobile-friendly and correctly stationed for search engine scanning and indexing with the right header tags, URL structures, backlink strategies, and so on.

Custom Website Design

If what you want in your website design is out of range with the existing WordPress templates, our agency will create an SEO-friendly design that is tailored for you with good functionality.

WordPress Maintenance

You always have to be on top of your WordPress maintenance as the software releases updates occasionally to keep it running smoothly. However, updates could alter some aspects of your website that you need to be aware of and make backups.

WordPress Management

We have extensive experience in building a WordPress website with the help of HTML and CSS most of the time. Trust Toto Dream Marketing for content management and enhancing your website’s options.

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What Is The Need For WordPress?

Why Choose Toto Dream Marketing?

Experienced Workforce

Working together with our company will give you a huge boost in starting your WordPress website. We help you succeed with your website through an intense client focus, suggestions made by understanding your goals by our professionals, creating a project roadmap, and many other benefits.

Transparent Reporting

You will always be updated with what is going on with your website and how the progress is going. We will discuss every action we are going to take with you before we are putting it into effect.

We Create Sales Focused Sites

One of the best upsides that you will be getting by working with us is that we know how to implement your digital marketing needs to your web design in WordPress to drive more leads and eventually sales to your website. We create interactive call-to-actions, do A/B testing, and many more.

On-Time Reporting

Before we start, we give you a timeline on the development needs in or of your website, and we also are on time with our timing as we do not lie to you and give false hopes. We value time and being responsive to our clients at Toto Dream Marketing.

WordPress FAQ

Yes, WordPress software is completely free to use.

This totally depends on your needs and your website’s complications. It could be as short as four weeks or as long as 20 weeks.

We create everything necessary when the already existing themes and plugins are not enough for your business.

WordPress software itself is fully free to use, but there are plugins that you might need to pay some money upfront to use.


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